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Starter kits

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Mini starter Kit

Mini Starter Kit for your home work.

What you need to get started!
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complete kit

Everything you need to learn and carry out the technique, saving you the base paint.
- 1 manual PROFESSIONAL BUSSINES (68 pages)
- 3 m2 of film to choose
- 1 primer spray (GRAY BLACK OR WHITE)
- 1 spray activator 400ml
- 1 spray spray BRIGHT or MATE
- 1 250g degreaser
- 1 SUPER FINE sponge sandpaper

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Kit Semi Pro

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In this section you will find a variety of starter kits that will help you to carry out your work in a comfortable and simplified way.

All kits include manuals that will guide you step by step and will solve your doubts. The manuals can be basic or professional

The basic manual, 28 pages, will guide you in your home work.

The professional business manual, 62 pages, is where you'll find everything you need to start your business. Necessary material, techniques, doubts and even teach you how to build your own 100x100 cm immersion tank! Forget the investments of thousands of euros to start! With our indications, you will have your own professional tank for less than € 100 !!

Choose the kit that best suits your needs!